Storm Drain Maintenance and Drainage for Victoria and Vancouver Island

Storm drains are pipe configurations that protect against surface water flows from rainstorms and snow-melt run-off. Storm drains such as catch basins in your driveway and parking lots are part of your storm drain system, designed to trap debris and collect water for dispersal into the storm drain main system.

Catch basins in your driveway and parking lots are part of your storm drain system designed to trap debris and prevent it accessing your perimeter system and/or blocking your pipe work or onsite recharge system. California drains for driveways are grated inlets across the surface designed to collect storm water runoff, usually directing it to a catch basin collection point.
Other surface and subsurface water controls are curtain drains or French drains (after Henry French who described and popularized them in the 19th century). These drains are essentially the same as perimeter drains except they are located anywhere there is surface water or runoff water that needs to be controlled from pooling in lawn areas or running up against a buildings. Regular maintenance programs with Earthservice Drainmaster for drainage in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are of primary importance for these drains to provide their designed protection.
Catch basin maintenance involves cleaning out accumulated debris and repairing screening devices. The Capital Regional District and the Greater Vancouver Regional District have standards for larger parking areas to prevent hazardous materials that leak from vehicles getting into the storm water handling system. These standards help prevent contaminants from getting into streams and rivers and eventually to the ocean.
Catch basin upgrading to Hazmat standards involves provision of oil/water separators for storm water runoff from paved areas associated with commercial, industrial and institutional properties.
Regular preventative maintenance for storm drains should be of primary importance around your house or building. This involves scheduled inspection and servicing of installations and systems designed to control your storm water run-off. Dirt and mud from vehicles in parking lots and driveways accumulates in catch basins and requires regular removal maintenance.

Earthservice Drainmaster is unquestionably the largest and best-equipped service company in Greater Victoria to provide full service for all your storm drain needs, performed by experienced, trained technicians. Give us a call at 250-479-0195 to schedule an inspection or maintenance, as we would be happy to help with your drainage needs in the Victoria area.