Storm & Septic Pumping in Victoria and Vancouver Island

Earthservice Drainmaster has a fleet of pump trucks for servicing and septic system pumping in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The Capital Regional District has implemented requirements to pump out septic and treatment systems every 3 to 5 years. The septic field owner has to retain proof the requirement has been met. We also service lift stations, sumps and catch basins.

Septic tank cleaning and maintenance involves the removal of sludge, solids and other non-biodegradable or organic materials that build up within your septic tank. Failure to maintain septic tanks result in damaged disposal systems due to clogging caused by high solid content in suspension flowing out and plugging disposal soils.
Sewage treatment plant pump out is required by Capital Regional District regulations. Your treatment plant should be on a maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer and, as such, will only require pump out on an ‘as needed’ basis. Generally, if the system has a trash tank installed upstream of the septic tank, the treatment plant should be cleaned every three to five years. If it is an older installation with no pre-tank, most manufacturers recommend yearly pump out.
Lift stations are systems of pumps and sumps or pits that are installed in elevator shafts, underground parking garages and other locations that are below the level where gravity feed can dispose of the groundwater. A system of drain pipes collect storm water into the sumps where the pump is used to lift it up to ground level where it can enter the storm mains.
There are usually catch basins associated with lift stations to capture and retain debris. Catch basins need regular servicing to remove trash and sediment and to repair any damage to the baffles or straining devices.
In heavy use locations like car washes and large parking lots, larger separators are installed to separate sediment and sand from the water. Oil separators are also installed and must be serviced regularly.

Earthservice Drainmaster is uniquely qualified and equipped to provide regular scheduled preventative maintenance to these installations. Give us a call at 250-479-0195 for your septic tank pumping needs in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.