Concrete Assessments, Crack Repair and Waterproofing in Victoria

Concrete and stone foundations are protected from groundwater and rainwater by functional perimeter drain systems. Saturated soil at the footings of your foundation walls from a malfunctioning perimeter system often result in settlement and cracks developing in the wall.

Inspection and repair of perimeter systems often reveal issues with the foundation walls. A thorough foundation assessment will establish any problems and guide toward effective solutions.
In severe cases, repair and restoration can require anything from strengthening of concrete or stone foundation walls by additional support for footings to complete replacement, and would usually involve a professional engineer.
Cracks observed in foundation walls either during a cleaning service or a complete replacement need to be cleaned and prepared appropriately to be repaired with a cement based resealing compound. This repair is ideally done on the exterior.
Foundations that have a large area of honeycomb concrete or voids in the surface need a cement sealer or parging applied to these surfaces before either a spray-on damp proofing or a heavier elastomeric waterproofing coat is applied.

Rigid drip board or another barrier can be applied for protection between the wall surface and backfill material.